Wellspring Talent Strategies
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The Foundation


Strategic Planning and Execution

Planning, execution and talent are the cornerstones of any organization’s success.  At Wellspring Talent Strategies, we partner with our clients through every phase of the planning and execution process. 

We collaborate with leadership to establish strategic goals, align resources, and to develop change management plans. 

We work with our clients to execute their strategies so they can achieve the highest level of success possible in reaching their goals and we collaborate to solve, not only the challenges faced by organizations today, but to anticipate and plan for those of tomorrow. 

To these ends, we offer a variety of service options and customize solutions based on our clients’ unique needs.


Service Options


Organizational Assessment and Design

We help organizations to evaluate their value proposition, align with established strategic direction, determine talent needs and design the organization's structure to ensure people are in the right positions to maximize their engagement and contribution to the successful achievement of positive results.   We design and execute organizational surveys on a variety of topics such as employee engagement, department effectiveness, and cultural attributes.  We analyze and report results and collaborate with our clients to develop action plans to respond effectively.


Communications and Branding

We create effective communications and branding strategies that help your organization set itself apart.  Some of our offerings are:  plan, write and publish communications for change management initiatives, company newsletters, policies, and form letters.


Human Resources Policies and Practices

We build new Human Resources Departments from the ground up and support established departments with a variety of services such as: develop and/or revise policies and handbooks; analyze and create job/role descriptions; develop and facilitate training; support hiring strategies; design performance management systems, and provide transition support during downsizings or reorganizations.   


 Team Development

We facilitate the enhancement of teamwork through workshops and team coaching sessions.  We work with teams to help them discover, clarify and align strengths; build self-awareness of individual strengths, motivators, underlying needs and stress points; develop strategies for improvement; and encourage individual and team accountability.


Leadership Development and Coaching

We customize our leadership development services to ensure your organization's unique needs are met.  Services in support of your goals may include skills and competency assessment through 360 degree feedback, creation of individual development plans and executive coaching sessions.  Our personalized, coaching helps leaders to build strength areas and address performance needs related to leadership and management techniques, performance, behavior and work relationships.


Birkman Method®  Behavioral and Motivational Assesment

This robust tool provides insight into individual interests, style, underlying needs and potential stress behaviors.  We utilize the Birkman to increase self awareness so individuals can enhance performance and to provide career counseling, resolve interpersonal conflict and to facilitate team building.


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